a gift for life
I have a Tree-ID


Marcy Shaarda (San Francisco, CA)

Thank you for the updates on my oak tree, which looks like it's thriving in the Lithuanian forest where it was planted! Perhaps I'll visit it one of these days...

Alice (San Francisco, CA)

Thank you for such a great green gift that I can send to friends and family--truly unique!

Nurit (Auckland, NZ)

We received the cards within a couple of days. Great service!

Paul Jordan (San Francisco, CA)

Speedy delivery in time for the holidays. We are planning to order more cards and use them for all occasions. 
This is a fantastic idea thanks for starting this up.

Lorraine (Gaylord, MI)

Thank you for the excellent packaging - I was impressed. Thank you. AND...I appreciate the extra (bookmark along with a tree for me!) that was included.

Nicole (Doylestown, PA)

Love my cards and my clients will too! Great service!!

Yukiko Matsuoka (Japan)

I am more than excited by your Xmas card.
A wonderful idea to have a tree planted somewhere in the world with a card.