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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of trees do you plant and where do you plant them?

We plant trees in Lithuania – the country where the project initially began. With the help of Treenex network members, the trees are planted on private and state-owned lands in cooperation with local forestry associations. We mainly plant oak trees (for greeting cards on any occasion) and spruce trees (for holiday and Christmas cards). We will also begin planting trees in the U.S. in the near future to support the local species (depending on the region).

How many trees have you planted?

We have already planted more than 8,000 trees. You can see our “tree counter” at the bottom of the TreeNex homepage. The count increases each time someone purchases our products.

Does each card really plant a tree?

Yes, a tree is planted for each card sold, sometimes two as in the case of the - Love and Anniversary cards. All products that are sold on our online store include planting trees.

Do you cut trees for printing your cards and certificates?

No, we use 100% recycled (post-consumer waste) treeless paper for printing our cards and bookmarks.

What ink do you use?

For our cards we use only eco-friendly, on vegetable technology based and mineral oil free ink that contain >74% of renewable materials (determined by the so-called C14 method).

How can card recipients track their tree(s)?

There is a unique Tree-ID printed on each card. Card recipients can find photos and other interesting information about the forest and the tree after entering their Tree-ID on TreeNex website. We upload new photos of the forest every quarter of the year so that you can follow its development online, anytime.